Brolley Blasts Hultgren for Tax Vote Which Punishes Middle Class

Brolley: “Congressman Hultgren sold out the middle class in the district to give huge tax breaks to his donors.”


Montgomery, IL – Democrat Matt Brolley, who is running to challenge Congressman Hultgren in Illinois’ 14th District in 2018 responded to Congressman Hultgren’s vote for the Republican tax giveaway.

“Today, Congressman Hultgren once again put his donors and corporate friends ahead of hard working families in Illinois,” said Brolley. “This bill is just a huge giveaway to the super-rich and huge corporations, at the expense of the middle class.”

The bill, which passed the House today, cuts taxes for the wealthy and huge corporations, adds at least $1 trillion to the national debt, but could actually raise taxes on the middle class. Middle class taxpayers may see their State and Local Tax deductions reduced and all tax cuts for individuals come with an expiration date, while the corporate tax cuts are permanent.

“Congressman Hultgren’s tax vote is a raw deal for the middle class. It will do little to nothing to help families in Illinois who are already over-taxed,” said Brolley. “Congressman Hultgren just agreed to add at least $1 trillion to the national debt. You know who’s going to pay for that when the bill comes due? The middle class.”

Speaker Paul Ryan has already said he will work to cut Social Security and Medicare next year in an attempt to deal with budget deficits. The tax bill also kills the individual health care mandate which amounts to a $338 billion health care cut that leaves 13 million without health insurance and increase costs for those with insurance.

“We’ve seen this from Congressman Hultgren before,” said Brolley. “Cut taxes for the rich and corporations, and then try to cut Social Security and Medicare for the middle class to pay for it. It’s wrong, and it’s why Congressman Hultgren needs to go.”