Matt Brolley Marks One Year from 2018 Election

Announces he is refusing corporate PAC donations.  

Lindenhurst, IL – Democrat Matt Brolley, who is challenging Republican Congressman Randy Hultgren in Illinois’s 14th district, spoke with dozens of Democratic activists in Lake County one year out from the 2018 midterm elections.

“Who would have guessed — one year after Trump’s election — we’d have great organizations like Indivisible Lindenhurst bringing us together and organizing for action,” said Brolley. “It’s organizations like these that will put Democrats over the top next November.”

Brolley was asked about his top priorities should he be elected to Congress. At the top of his list is ensuring the people of the 14th district are duly represented in Washington.

“Congressman Hultgren is not representing the people of the 14th district. He voted to take away health care from 37,000 of his constituents and now he’s actively participating in an effort that will cut taxes on the super rich, but raise taxes on middle-class families.”

Brolley explained that Hultgren’s votes are tied to his corporate donor base. “We have got to solve the craziness that is money in politics. Our congressman is funded and bought by corporate PAC dollars and it shows. That is who he answers to,” said Brolley.  “That’s why I am refusing any corporate PAC money. My campaign, this grassroots campaign will be funded by the people.”

According to public disclosures, corporate PAC money comprises over two-thirds of Hultgren’s campaign coffers. This cycle alone, he has raised almost $350,000 in PAC dollars and only $18,000 in small individual contributions.

“If Congressman Hultgren wants to side with the wealthy and corporations, that’s his choice,” said Brolley. “I’m an engineer. I want to use my skills to build a better country for the middle class, not the super-rich and their huge corporations.”