Hultgren Tax Plan Helps Wealthy at Expense of the Middle Class

Brolley: “Congressman Hultgren supports a plan that would make families in our district pay $1,200 more in taxes every year.”


Montgomery, IL – Democrat Matt Brolley, who is running to challenge Congressman Hultgren in Illinois’ 14th District in 2018, responded to today’s release of the Republican Tax Plan supported by Congressman Hultgren.


“This tax plan favors the rich and corporations at the expense of middle class families in the 14th District,” said Brolley. “That’s not how we’re going to grow the economy, or create jobs.”


The Republican Tax Plan released today would gut the State and Local Tax deduction that allows Americans to deduct what they pay in property and state income taxes from their federal returns. More than 45% of residents in the 14th district used the deduction last year to claim more than $5 billion in federal tax relief.


It would also hit homeowners especially hard by restricting the mortgage interest deduction – one of the biggest deductions enjoyed by middle class families. This change could also hit the construction industry hard and stall the building of new homes.


“Gutting these deductions would be a direct below to middle class families and homeowners in our district,” said Brolley. “In Illinois, we pay so much in property, state, and local taxes already, and the middle class pays more than our fair share. Congressman Hultgren has made a huge mistake supporting this plan.”


On the other end of the spectrum, corporations would see their tax rate fall by 43%, and “would create giant new benefits for the wealthy” according to the Washington Post.


“If Congressman Hultgren wants to side with the wealthy and corporations, that’s his choice,” said Brolley. “I’m an engineer. I want to fix our tax system so it helps the middle class, not the super-rich and huge corporations.”