Brolley Hits Rep. Hultgren for Vote to Increase Taxes for IL-14 Families

In a razor-thin margin, Rep. Hultgren sides with Speaker Ryan and party over district.


Montgomery, IL – Congressman Randy Hultgren today voted for a budget that would increase taxes on the average family of four in the 14th Congressional District by $1,279. The budget calls for eliminating the State and Local Tax deduction that allows Americans to deduct what they pay in property and state income taxes from their federal returns. More than 45% of residents in the 14th district used the deduction last year to claim more than $5 billion in federal tax relief.


“I just don’t know what Congressman Hultgren was thinking,” said Democrat Matt Brolley, who is running to challenge Hultgren in 2018. “Homeowners and working families in this district are already taxed enough. He had a choice to side with them, or with Speaker Ryan, and he chose to place a greater burden on his own constituents.”


The budget that Congressman Hultgren voted for also slashes $473 billion from Medicare, $1 trillion from Medicaid, and cuts funding for programs like Head Start, Pell Grants, and cancer research.


“Congressman Hultgren has decided to increase taxes on middle class families in Illinois, all in the name of giving away massive tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans,” said Brolley. “On top of it all, the budget he voted for cuts critical programs like Medicare and Medicaid,” said Brolley.


“Every time Congressman Hultgren has a choice – whether it is on health care, or tax cuts, or the environment – he sides with Speaker Paul Ryan and Washington Republicans,” said Brolley. “And the residents of the 14th District are tired of a Congressman who doesn’t put them first.”