Brolley Calls on Congressman Hultgren to Oppose Trump’s Rollback of Flood Risk Standards

Montgomery, IL –Democrat Matt Brolley called on Congressman Hultgren to oppose Donald Trump’s rollback of flood risk standards. On Tuesday, Trump revoked a common-sense rule that prevents taxpayer dollars to be spent on projects that could be threatened by flooding.

“As an engineer, I can tell you there is no benefit to putting even more of our infrastructure at risk,” said Brolley. “Congressman Hultgren has gone along with every misguided Trump policy – including the disastrous health care repeal bill. After all the issues our region has had with flooding, will he finally take a stand, or will he continue to do Trump’s bidding?”

In 2015, nearly 64% of flood deaths in the United States involved vehicles. Rolling back these regulations means that roads could be built in areas where there is a higher flood risk, and building and bridges could also be affected.

“This is pandering, not leadership. Trump and Hultgren promised us a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. Instead, we see chaos in Washington, and stunts like this that are more about PR than real policy fixes to our problems,” said Brolley.

Brolley who is not only the mayor of Montgomery and a civil engineer, but also a certified floodplain manager pointed out that revoking this rule will result in more federal dollars being placed at risk.

“It’s irresponsible from both a fiscal and safety perspective,” said Brolley. “I’m calling on Congressman Hultgren to oppose this move by Trump, and work to put common sense rules back in place to protect citizens and taxpayers. Sadly, I have little hope that Congressman Hultgren can summon the courage to do so, given that he caves to President Trump at every turn.”