It’s an engineer’s job to build and fix things. It’s a mayor’s job to get results. We can all agree Washington isn’t doing any of that.

In Washington, Matt will bring his engineer mindset and mayoral experience to fix our healthcare system, create good-paying jobs, and rebuild the middle class.

Let’s build an Illinois that works for the middle class.

We need a Congress that will take an evidence-based approach to policy and understand the challenges working families face everyday. Short term thinking is coming at the expense of the middle class in Illinois.

Matt will think differently than the average politician and bring a new perspective to Congress.

Join Team Brolley today.

The 14th District of Illinois

Matt has spent his entire life in the 14th district. He was raised in Boulder Hill, went to school at North Central, and returned to Montgomery to raise his own family.

From the farmland to the city-scape, Matt knows the working families of the 14th district are being ignored. That’s why he’s fighting to give working families a voice in Washington.